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hello and welcome to my website. I'm an artist and potter based and working in East Sussex UK. I studied ceramics in London and you can find out more about my work on my archive page.

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My work is all individually hand made in red earthenware clay using techniques such as coiling and pinching. I use inglaze colours on a white glaze, enamels and lustres to decorate the pieces I make.

My illustrations are inspired by the East Sussex countryside where I live. The drawings include local wildflowers, church cats and countryside folklore imagery such as horse brasses.

My aim is to make evident the process of hand making and glazing in the finished piece. For example, I don't aim for symmetry or smooth surfaces and the glaze may vary in coverage and include run off marks as it is hand dipped. I feel this adds to the character of the pieces.

I make work in small batches and sell directly through this website and my instagram account @belen.ceramics. 








All work is copyright Belen Gomez Ceramics 2023

belen gomez ceramics
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