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hello and welcome to my website.
I make, unique handmade ceramic pieces.
You can find out more about the pottery I have made over the years on my
archive page.

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I studied ceramics in London but now live by the sea where it meets the South Downs in East Sussex.

I am inspired by this gentle and rare landscape, folklore, fairytales, textiles and anything else that pops by along the way.

Clay is a magical material I happened upon almost by chance, although I had long been unconsciously drawn to it.

The ancient and rich tradition of story telling in pottery also inspires me to tell my own stories.


My Spanish maternal grandmother was the village herbalist and her love of the wildflowers has somehow manifested in me despite only meeting her a couple of times when I was very young.

I also paint and draw and sometimes add these to the website and my Instagram account and Pinterest.

I sell directly through this website via the email address on the contact page and also my instagram account @belen.ceramics. Click on icon top left please.








All work is copyright Belen Gomez Ceramics 2023

belen gomez ceramics
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